What you need to enroll

- entry form
- payment
- membership card, or medical certificate of fitness for competitive sports

How to enroll

- on line on our websitewww.firenzemarathon.it(payment only with credit card without commission)
- on line on the Activeeurope circuit (www.activeeurope.com, only with credit card)
- mail to FIRENZE MARATHON, VIALE M. FANTI 2, 50137 FIRENZE, enclosing evidence of payment, medical certificate and/or membership card

Tariffs for the 2012 Marathon



Before 15th May 2012

From 16th May to 15th September 2012

From 16th September to 31 October 2012

From 1st November to 15th November 2012

Italian athletes

€ 35

€ 45

€ 55

€ 70

International athletes

€ 50

€ 60

€ 70

€ 85

Whellchiar/physically impaired athletes

 € 35 - before 15th November 2012

 Fee for non- reconsignment of chip: € 20

How to pay

- credit card (online or directly to our office in Viale M. Fanti 2, 50137 Florence)
- banker's order to IBAN: IT 12 P 01030 02845 000000908823BIC: PASCIT M 1 W 19

Time limit

The time limit to finish the race (42,194 km) is 6 hours. The time limit to pass the half-marathon point (km 21,097 km) is 3 hours. The time limit at the 30 kmsignpost is 4h.15. Athletes running at more than 8'30 minutes per km must observe the highway code.

Timing and chips

Chips are inserted in the race number bib inside an adhesive envelope and must not be removed (penalty exclusion from classification). Chips should be returned to the Organizers manning the stalls in the arrival area (Via de'Benci) also those of athletes who have not taken part in the race. Athletes who withdraw during the race can return their chip to staff at the refreshment points along the route. Chips are only in use for the Florence Marathon for which they have been programmed.

Failure to return a chip will be considered a debt toward the Organization, and will be debited to the athlete on registration the following year. In the case of non-participation or withdrawal from the Marathon, the chip should be mailed within 15 days to FIRENZE MARATHON, Viale M. Fanti 2, 50137, Florence, Italy. Should a chip go lost, a fee of €20 reimbursement must be paid by postal order to FIRENZE MARATHON, account N° 1822914.