The registrations at Milano City Marathon are open from July 2nd 2012 to March 26th 2013. The fee will increase upon reaching a predetermined threshold of subscribers.

Classic Marathon (for foreign participants NOT resident in Italy)
30 € for those who ended all the previous editions of the Milano City Marathon
49 € first 1000 registered
59 € from 1001 to 3000 registered
64 € from 3001 to 4000 registered
69 € from 4001 to 5000 registered
75 € from 5001 to 5500 registered
90 € from 5501 registered

Relay Marathon
The relay marathon will be a NON COMPETITIVE race, timed and open to all, club members or not. Each team must be formed of 4 people.
Registrations will be accepted just in groups, also formed by both male and female people.
120 € for the first 800 teams
140 € from 801st to 1600th teams
180 € from 1601st team

• race number;
• insurance and medical support;
• race kit with sponsor gadgets;
• official shirt of Milano City Marathon;
• refreshment points and sponging stations along the circuit;
• refreshment points before and after the race;
• official schedule and informative material;
• timing service and timing chip renting;
• medals (for who finishes the marathon);
• personal clothes deposit (apposite bag);
• shower and dressing room service at Civic Arena;
• dropped-out athletes transport service.

Under no circumstances are the entry fees refundable. However, the registered athletes who cannot take part to the marathon have two options:
1) Transfer of registration to another person. It is possible to transfer the registration to another person by formal request to be made by March 26th, 2013 and by payment of an extra 10 Euro fee for office expenses. The substituting participant must provide all information necessary for the application.
2) Transfer of registration to Milano City Marathon 2014. In case the athlete communicates his/her absence before March 26th, 2013, he/she will have the possibility to use the fee for the following 2014 marathon, by paying an additional fee of 15 euros, without possibility to demand a further transfer of registration to successive year or the transfer to another person.

The race numbers is tightly personal, it cannot be changed, altered or modified and it cannot be given to anyone else. The race number and the race kit can be picked up on Thursday, April 4th from 1pm to 8pm, on Friday, April 5th from 10am to 8pm and on Saturday, April 6th from 10am to 8pm in the Marathon Village. The race numbers and kits will be given only to those participants who will present the confirmation letter (completed and signed), that ASD Milano City Marathon Blub will send 10 days before the race by emails, and a valid identity card. Race kits and numbers can be taken also by third people, with written delegation, confirmation letter of the person who delegates and photocopy of a valid identity document. To facilitate the organization, it will not be possible for the participants to take race numbers and kits on the day of the marathon
(April 7th).
Only with specific request it is possible to receive the race number by post (not the race kit that will be picked-up after the race) with the payment of 25 euros cash on delivery.
The race number with the chip (that cannot be altered in any case) has to be fixed with safety pins.
Together with the race number the participants will receive an adhesive label with apposite number that has to be placed in the apposite space of the personal bag for participants’ personal clothes. This bag, appropriately numbered, will constitute the only container accepted by the organization, and it will be taken, supervised and given back at the end of the race, in the apposite reserved room “bags deposit”. The organization strongly suggests you to not leave personal objects like cellphones and wallets inside the bag; the organization will not respond for eventual thefts.


The route
The Milano City Marathon 2013 will feature, as usual, a smooth route, with no rough surfaces and virtually all on level ground: all in all, these are the ideal conditions for optimising one’s personal time. The route, that starts at the Fiera di Rho/Pero and crosses the most characteristic parts of the city to end in Piazza Castello, is entirely closed to vehicle traffic; the kilometric markings are indicated every kilometre with signposts on the sides of the street.

Roads opening
Once the last runner has passed the finish line, roads will be reopened to traffic and intersections will no longer be protected.
Anyway, some time limits are set, after which the organization will no longer be able to ensure the complete closure of the race course.
Maximum time – half marathon: 2h50′
Maximum time – km 30: 4h15′
Maximum time – arrival: 6h00′
Refreshment and sponging stations

In conformity with IAAF/FIDAL regulations, refreshment stations are located at every 5 kilometres along the route and at the finish line. All the refreshment stations will be supplied with water, while fruit, biscuits, and dietary supplements will be available from the 20 km mark.

The marathon kit distributed to all athletes contains two personal sponges (to be kept carefully) to be carried during the race and immersed in the special water tanks installed at every 5 kilometres along the route beginning at the 7.5km mark. In these locations there will be no sponges that athletes can take; nonetheless, extra sponges will be available to athletes in the starting area.

Medical services
The Organising Committee will provide adequate medical services to follow and assist the participants at the starting line, at the finish line, and along the route with personnel, vehicles, and fixed stations.

For athletes who withdraw
Along the route, a shuttle bus service will pick up injured athletes or those who have decided to withdraw from the competition. Buses will leave when at full capacity and will transport the athletes to emergency stations or to the finish line area, where they will be able to pick up their bags and hand in the chip without passing under the finish line.

Dressing rooms are located in the starting and finish zones. At the end of the race, runners will be able to take hot showers at the Civic Arena.

The timing and elaboration of the rankings will be carried out with the Timing Data Services system, while the fairness of the race will be ensured by FIDAL judges. The following times will be taken for each athlete: the official time (between the official start to the passage under the finish line, the real time (from the passage under the starting line to the passage under the finish line), passing of km 10 and km 20 marks, the halfway point of the marathon (km 21.097) and at the km 30.

Different groups of pacemakers (“hares”) can help marathon runners to maintain a constant pace and arrive at the finish line according to a time established in advance. The pacemaker will be present and can be recognised by their clothing. They will be marked by special balloons and will complete the race in: 3 hours, 3 hours and 15 minutes, 3 hours and 30 minutes, 3 hours and 45 minutes, 4 hours, 4 hours and 15 minutes, 4 hours and 30 minutes, 4 hours and 45 minutes, and 5 hours.

Portable chemical toilets
If necessary, chemical toilets will be located near the starting line area, at the finish line area, and along the route.

Results, rankings, and certificates
At the end of the race, the official rankings of the Milano City Marathon 2013 will be published on a special board near the finish line. The partial and final times will also be available in real time at Insert your surname and race number in order to download the certificate of participation in pdf format.

For information about hotels

VICTORY official tour operator
Tel: +39 02.76281618
Fax: +39 02.76280816


How to reach the starting line
To reach the starting line (situated in Rho, near Fieramilano buildings) and deposit bags, we recommend two alternative routes:
• One possibility is Line 1 (RED LINE) of the Subway to the Rho Fiera stop.
Attention: Travel time between the Cadorna stop and the Rho Fiera is about 20 minutes by subway and then 10 minutes on foot to reach the starting line zone.
• Otherwise, it is possible to arrive by car, parking in the P3 and P4 Fair parking lots according to their fees. Those arriving from the A8 and A4 motorways must take the Fieramilano exits and follow the indications for “Porta Est”, parking lots P3 and P4.

Bag with personal articles
You must submit the official bag (which you will receive with the marathon kit) containing your personal articles between 07:30 and 08:30 at the bag deposit located at the starting line zone (Porta Cargo 3). Attention: after this time, no bags will be collected because the trucks will have left for the finish line!
Do not forget to apply the specific label of the race number assigned to you onto your bag. We suggest that you not leave any objects of value in the bag; the organisation will not be held liable for loss or theft of such objects. Following your arrival, you can pick up your bag by showing your race number. Only use the official bag in that it is the only container recognised by the

Meeting point – MARATHON
The meeting point is set for the PORTA OVEST (WEST DOOR) of the Rho Fiera from 07:15 on Sunday, April 7.

Meeting point – RELAY MARATHON
START: The meeting point is set for the PORTA OVEST (WEST DOOR) of the Rho Fiera from 08:45 on Sunday, April 7.

1st CHANGE AREA (Viale Caprilli, Km 13.5)
• 9:00 Gathering of second-group athletes
• 10:45 Departure of the bag delivery vehicle
• 11:15 Arrival of the first relay runner

2nd CHANGE AREA (Via Vittor Pisani, Km 23.5)
• 9:45 Gathering of third-group athletes
• 11:15 Departure of the bag delivery vehicle
• 11:40 Arrival of the first relay runner

3rd CHANGE AREA (Parking on Via Mario Pagano, Km 33.5)
• 10:45 Gathering of second-group athletes
• 11:50 Departure of the bag delivery vehicle
• 12:15 Arrival of the first relay runner

Starting procedure
Marathon start – 09:20
Relay Marathon start – after the Marathon.
The starting times may vary according to organisational needs.
The Jury will punch you in at the entry to the starting sectors. The automatic start of the timing will take place upon the passage of the participants onto the electronic carpet located under the starting archway.
To facilitate the entry of the athletes into their respective sectors, the race number will be marked with a specific colour indicating the personal time declared (and verified by FIDAL statistics) and the sector signboard.

Entry into the grids will be allowed up to 40 minutes before the starting time. The Milano City Marathon staff will control the precise entrance into the specific grid. After this time, tardy arrivals will start in line.
The relay marathon participants will start ten minutes after the passage of the last individual marathon runner under the starting arch.

Once the finish line in front of the Sforzesco Castle is crossed, the athletes will be channelled into specific corridors to: deposit chips, receive participation medals, and access the final refreshment station.